Hello, I am Brooke,

Every baby is unique. The services I offer are also unique, for 15 years, I have been perfecting the art of ending restless nights with babies and bringing you a full night of sleep. With 18 years experience in the childcare industry working for places like Sutter Health in their birthing unit, it is my mission to develop an effective and personalized sleep training methodology that parents can apply at home. Forget the premade booklets, I believe in a holistic approach to care and sleep training. The child's whole day including their activity, environment and consumption affects their quality of sleep and in turn, their growth and development. Sleep training is a scientifically-backed method that aids child development due to routine sleep. The results do not disappoint.

Every child is unique!

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Sleep starts here

Lullaby Brooke Day-Care

I create a dynamic environment focusing on your child’s personalized needs through brain developing activities, adventuring through field trips, and reaching milestones while socializing them in a small setting. As children grow, they learn from each other and their environment. We love to get out and learn from the world around us.

The days I curate with the children are cohesive to sleep training. I am able to work with them throughout the day and allow for you to have an easy transition to them sleeping through the night. With this I can answer any questions you have that come up while raising your child along with giving you night time instructions.

Sleepy Baby Package

Your child's sleep starts here. I create personalized plans on how to sleep train your child into having a full night of rest

Prior to our initial consultation call you will receive a questionnaire, allowing me to have the basics. During our call I am able to answer any initial questions you and your family may have and begin to understand the child’s habits as well as the family dynamic. This call will allow me to create the holistic plan that uniquely fits your family and child's needs. This plan looks different for every family.

I highly recommend adding the Right-Hand Man Package for additional support. It will give you the best results while sleep training. Questions will come up and I am here to help.

Every child is Unique!

Understanding their nature and behaviour

is pivotal to the right approach.

Approach and methodology

Sleep Training

Every family works differently. My plans revolve around understanding the family dynamic and the child's needs. Having a good night's sleep goes hand-in-hand with your daily schedule, and little changes can make a world of difference.

Benefits of sleeptraining

Babies that sleep better at night are happier during the day. Sleep training overall is to help your baby thrive in their young development phases. Having a routine scheduled early in their lives allows them to continue a good sleep that will stick with them throughout their life.

Good rest is

Better growth

Client Testimnials

Some of our kind clients have penned down their thoughts
about my service and their experience with my training,
which means the world to me !

Here's what they have to say.....

"Brooke is, hands down, the best person we've ever worked with.
Never had a better person take care of our Ollie. Our son
LOVES her (yells "bye Brooke" when she leaves)
and she's so amazingly kind and accommodating.
She's communicative and SO good with kids, you'll feel like
your son or daughter is in the best hands ever.
Thanks, Brooke. We can't thank you enough for everything!
Work with her before she's totally booked up!"

- Drew H.

"Brooke is an excellent communicator
and my boys had a great time with her.
I also appreciated how quickly she responded
to my messages. My sons (7 & 11) were
immediately comfortable with her and they
both enjoyed their evening out."

- Karate V.

"Brooke is fantastic! Our daughter was born 3.5
months early and requires special care.
Brooke was more than happy to accommodate her
special feeding needs,
hygiene and positioning requirements (to deal with reflux).
Brooke takes the kids to the park, library, mall,
swimming, my daughter loves being with her. We are very sad
to be leaving Brooke due to relocation.
We highly recommend Brooke!!!"

- Lynn L.

"We have been lucky to have Brooke as
a part of our daughter's life since I had to
go back to work after my maternity leave
(over a year ago)! She has helped get her on a schedule for naps,
always makes sure they're doing something active and fun, and I
know she's safe and taken care of in Brooke's hands. She is very
easy to communicate with,
from updates, to milestones, to texts
that my husband and I send."

- Kathy M.